Monday, November 14, 2011

2months: Hi! :)

Hi All,

I am two months old now and all smiling :) Everyone in the home gets to see me smiling often, especially when anyone talks to me! Mumma says I am going to be a talker ;)

I had a not-so-fun experience at my second monthly doctor's visit last week. It was ok initially untill they measured my height, head circumference and weighed me. I am doing great on all of 'em. But when my ped. wanted to do a physical exam, I wasn't too happy about it. More so cuz it was followed by the painful vaccination shots and the oral med. That was the worst part, cuz it hurt soooooooo much...why dont they understand??!! The shots didnt go too well with my system and I cried a lot later that afternoon, only to be soothed by tylenol and some extra sleep :(

I like to play a lot in the jungle play gym these days. Have been actively gymming there since I was a month old :) I also like to look around my surroundings and people at home and am very alert and curious in general. Musical and lights/sounds toys attract me and its fun to be around everyone in the evenings. So my schedule for the day goes somewhat like this: Wake up:8am ish and feed, play some and sleep. Shower: 11am ish and feed, mostly sleep right after. It's the best sleep, am super drowsy after the shower + meal. Feed again around 2pm ish and sleep. Wake up: 5pm ish and feed and then play for about 45mins, then sleep. And then I keep waking up and playing more often, taking few cat naps in between. Cat naps are usually either on Daddy or Ba/Dada's shoulders/lap, and sometimes Mota ba and kaka rock me to sleep too :) Then feed around 9:30pm ish and it's uninterrupted time with Daddy, while mumma helps Anaybhai sleep. Feed again around 11:30pm and then call it a night. I wake up once or twice during the night to feed and sleep back right away, unless burps harass me a lot! Aint I good, Santa?? ;) What do I get for being such an angel :)??

Anaybhai loves me so much so, that he tells mumma "Mumma, Aanu (my nick name) is our doll, we'll have to take very good care of her". He's such a sweetheart :) I love him a lot too! Whenever he walks in the bedroom, I start looking around for him the moment I hear his voice. He comes near me and cuddles, kisses and smiles, and it makes me soooooooo happy :) He is going to be a very good big bro and buddy to me! :)

Mumma says, I am programmed very well by God and sent to them. Cuz I dont cry except for discomfort or hunger, and I do give warning signs for all of it too, before bursting into tears. I also let them sleep well at night since I was a month old. I have been active and playful too. I like tummy time and body massage, bath time too. Even if mumma has to wake me up in the middle of very sound sleep for bath time, I hardly complain. It takes two minutes for me to wake up and smile :) Small things like: someone talking to me, smiling at me, cuddling me and holding me, make me happy! I am a happy baby..tchwud!

There are a ton of pictures that mumma has clicked and few videos too, but it's gonna be a while before she gets to share them with you all, mainly cuz she is either too busy or tired or sometimes lazy to do so! But, stay tuned and you shall have fun watching me :)

Till then, love you all :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yay!! I am here :)

Hi Everyone,

How is it going? I am finally here and quite healthy.
It was a shock initially, but I have started to get the hang of it. Plus I am being pampered by tons of people, (mumma, daddy, Anaybhai, Rajuba, Neetaba, Mota ba, dada, kaka, kaki, Anshbhai, and Khushiban) which does not hurt. Most of them are my total fans, especially my bro and cousins :)

I think I already recognize mumma, daddy, and Anaybhai. Whenever I cry Anaybhai says "Aanu aanu, aanu, radsho na" or he sings "aanubetu dahyi, patle besi nahi, patlo gayo khasi, aanu padi hasi" :). He is such a sweetheart!! We are going to get along really well.

I have also been doing a lot of growing by feeding a lot an sleeping, so can't complain. There should be some kind of robust system for diaper change though.

Got to go for now, but here are links to a few pics and vids.
At the hospital
First Week
Second Week
More from second week

Love u all,